5 Franchises Under $25,000

5 Franchises Under $25,000

Finding a business that is cost efficient can be a challenge for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

Most entrepreneurs are inundated with commercials and signs from the big players in the franchise industry such as McDonald’s, Subway’s, and Tim Hortons’.

Although buying an established franchise may be  possible, they are often out of reach for many people who are new to the industry.

When you finally decide to open a franchise, one of your biggest obstacles will be cash.

What are some of the franchises under $25,000? That is one of the questions I get asked often.

It is also important to note that it is not just the start-up costs that are required  to acquire a franchise but also the ongoing royalty and advertising fee that is due to the franchisor. New franchise owners should also consider capital that is needed for operations.

This is why we at Bailey Brown Business Consulting & The Franchise Agency, have found the top five franchising options that you can purchase for under $25,000 or less.

 5 Franchises Under $25,000

5 Franchises Under $25,000

  1. The Knight School


With the huge success of the movie, “The Queens Gambit”, this franchise is very timely.

The Knight School is a franchise business model that is centered around learning for kids. Specifically, it teaches kids how to play chess and develop their logical and strategic thinking skills

The Knight School is the perfect low-investment opportunity. This business model offers kid-centered learning, world-class support to business owners, and a start-up-friendly, autonomy-enabling future

The childcare and enrichment industry is a sustainable and growing market, and it’s a place to truly make a difference in your community.

You can start  making a difference in kids’ lives and earning money.

It is a  turnkey business model, no teaching or chess background is needed to own your own business with The Knight School.

There is a lot of autonomy when you own a franchise and there is great support for the franchisees.

  1. Jan Pro

The next franchise on the list is JAN-PRO.  Jan Pro is the number one commercial Cleaning Franchise for 12 years in a row, the number three Fastest Growing Franchise by Entrepreneur. NerdWallet.which solves a problem that everybody has.

A majority of the population does not have a clean house and would like it to be cleaned.

With this in mind, Jan Pro is the solution.

Jan Pro provides cleaning services to commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations. The two options for new franchise owners include home based in unit franchise- the one who cleans. Or, the master franchise who manages a cluster of units.

  1. Network Lead Exchange

If you have ever heard the phrase, “ Your network is your net worth.” and you agreed with it, then this franchise is for you!

Network Lead Exchange is an online network of businesses, organized by chapters, with the intent of promoting new business referrals across the Network to other businesses within their respective Chapter.

It would be similar to BNI.

Members earn commissions for the referrals they send and gain access to a new source of leads from businesses they know and trust.

Chapters are sold as franchises. Franchise owners can invite other businesses in their area to join their Chapter with one participating business per industry (based on product or service designators).


  1. Pro Martial Fit

Pro Martial Fit is a co-ed fitness franchise. This is one of the lowest cost co-ed fitness franchises with an all-in investment under $20k.

There is no fitness or martial arts background needed to be a part of this franchise.

There is a one week intensive training that will prepare you for running your business. We keep your costs low with our revolutionary shared space model, utilizing churches, gyms, and community centers. You get huge flexibility, by starting from home with the ability to grow into a traditional fitness studio at your own pace.

  1. Critter Control

Finally, If you are interested in a cost effective franchise that will allow you to handle wildlife, animal or pest control issues, this business has a large opportunity.

As a franchise owner at Critter Control you will  have the knowledge and experience to handle any wildlife animal or pest control problem.

This includes, wildlife animal control, animal removal, wildlife damage repair, pest control, and nuisance animal prevention/exclusion services are not just an afterthought at Critter Control—it’s their only line of business.

Money should not be a barrier to buying a franchise. You can purchase a franchise for under $25,000 and start or expand your journey into entrepreneurship.

Which concept would you like to know more about?

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