5 Franchises Under $50,000

5 Franchises Under $50,000

Franchising is a proven business model that leads to the accumulation of wealth.

Many people think that franchising is out of their budget but that is far from the truth.

When we think of the term franchising we automatically equate it with the largest franchises such as McDonald’s and Tim Hortons.

It is important to know  that acquiring a franchise is just the start of your business.

When you acquire a franchise it is just the first step of a long journey. There is also royalty and advertising fees for the franchisor. Also, there are capital requirements that are needed to fund the business.

Keep in mind that all of the listed franchises are available in Canada and the United States.

This is why we at Bailey Brown Consulting have compiled a list of the 5 franchises that are under $50,000.


  1. Floor Coverings International


Floor Coverings international is in one of the best sectors and is seen as a disruptor. The rest of the industry makes consumers leave their home but Floor Coverings international rethought the process from the ground up. Floor Coverings international brings the floor store to the customer’s kitchen table. Floor Coverings international has the highest Net Promoter Score in their industry. They are focused on bringing the best home floor experience in all of North America.


The franchise owners of Floor Coverings International are a part of a $40 million opportunity in the respective markets. Floor Coverings International only has 150 locations across the United States and Canada so there is room for exponential growth.


  1. 9Round


9Round is a solid franchise all around. The main premise of 9Round is a kickboxing franchise. Currently they have over 600 locations in the United States and Canada and across the globe with places like Mexico,Costa Rica, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia among others.


The mission statement is to make members stronger in 30 minutes physically and mentally. They have a network of over 600 franchises that all are focused on enriching people’s lives.


  1. Bitbox


Bitbox attaches itself to the latest trend of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has taken the tech industry by storm and established businesses such as Tesla.


Tesla invested 2.5 billion into Bitcoin. Bitbox is the worlds only fully managed Bitcoin ATM franchise. The best part of this business is that it is passive and hands free. The Bitbox ATM puts you in the position to be apart of a growing industry.


This is why it makes a sense to invest in a Bitbox atm franchise.


  1. Tutoring Club


Tutoring club is an education company that focuses on providing long term tutoring for all students at any age. The devices range from early education to college preparation. The tutoring club has been around since 1991 and has a business model that has been efficient since then. The overall goal is to have low startup costs and maintain a model that is feasible to recoup the initial investments and generate a comfortable living.


  1. N Zone Sports Of America


N Zone Sports Of America provides youth sports programs. This is a great business to get involved with. Simply because you have the tremendous opportunity to put the youth in the right directions and help them become a well rounded person .

N Zone Sports provides a unique opportunity for its franchise owners to capitalize on 3 revenue streams; youth sports leagues, preschools (NZone JR) and our newest division, adult sports leagues.

In addition, N Zone Sports of America requires a net worth of $35,000.

N Zone Sports franchise owners benefit from an extremely low overhead, operating their businesses from a home office. This low overhead advantage, combined with proprietary marketing program allows N Zone Sports of America to quickly gain momentum with new franchisees.

Each franchise owner is given a state of the art web site that helps centralize business operations. Protected, exclusive territories are also provided.


Royalties are waived for a period of time as a new franchise owner is ramping into their business.


Money should not be a barrier to buying a franchise. You can purchase a franchise for under $50,000 and start or expand your journey into entrepreneurship.

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