Transitioning from a stable job to owning a franchise requires a significant leap of faith.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Judith and Damion, two remarkable individuals who have fearlessly taken that leap and embraced the world of franchise ownership.

In this blog, we will delve into their motivations, challenges, and the support they received along the way. Join us as we explore their inspiring journey and discover what it truly means to be franchisees.


Making The Leap


Before venturing into franchising, Damion worked in technology and held the position of Associate Chair at his company, while Judith was a professor at NorQuest.

The couple was drawn to franchising because of its tried and proven business model. Recognizing that time was passing and desiring to provide generational wealth for their children, they made the bold decision to pursue franchising. As Damion eloquently puts it, “We always had a passion for having something for ourselves. We understand working for others is part of life, but we didn’t want it to be all that we knew.”

Rather than navigating the world of franchising on their own, they chose to work with Andrea and Bailey Brown The Franchise Agency. When asked why they decided to work with a franchise consultant, Damion said, “Having someone mentor you is a good practice in anything you do in life, and joining a franchise is no different.”


Working With Bailey Brown The Franchise Agency


Judith and Damion had nothing but positive things to say about their experience working with Andrea.

Initially, Judith struggled with self-doubt, finding it challenging to believe that she could transition from being a teacher to becoming her own boss. She expressed gratitude for Andrea’s constant reassurance, stating, “With every question and insecurity I had, Andrea was always there to provide an unbiased perspective and context. We would’ve never gone through with franchising without Andrea’s guidance.”

Damion also praised Andrea as an amazing resource, highlighting how she presented them with various options, facilitated questionnaires, and quickly understood their desires. He emphasized, “Andrea was and still is always there to provide the support and guidance we need.”

When asked about the challenges they faced during the process, Damion candidly shared his feelings of self-doubt and fear. To overcome these obstacles, he emphasized how they relied on Andrea’s support and expertise to navigate those doubtful times.


Choosing A Franchise


In selecting the right franchise for them, Damion emphasized that they took into consideration crucial factors such as the current market, startup costs, and the longevity of the business.

After working closely with Andrea to narrow down their options, they ultimately settled on Mr. Handyman, a reputable home improvement franchise. Damion explained that they were attracted to their business model and the opportunities available to owners. Furthermore, after speaking with current Mr. Handyman owners in Calgary, who highly recommended the franchise, their decision was solidified.


Reflecting On Their Journey 


Reflecting on how owning a franchise has impacted their personal and professional lives, Damion shared that both he and Judith now have more on their plates. However, he emphasized that “when both husband and wife are focused on the same goal, it can only bring success.”

Lastly, we wanted to hear from Damion and Judith what advice they would give to someone considering leaving their job to invest in a franchise. Their response was simple yet profound: “Do your research and find a mentor who is in the franchise business.”

Judith and Damion’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, mentorship, and finding the right franchise opportunity. Their decision to invest in a franchise has not only brought them excitement and fulfillment but has also opened new doors in their personal and professional lives.


As they continue their journey as franchisees, we wholeheartedly wish them every success and hope their story inspires YOU to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

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