The decision to transition from employee to business owner is never easy. It takes courage and a deliberate approach to move from the security of a 9-5 job to becoming your own boss. Here’s the inspiring story of one individual who made that leap.

Meet Sarah Lister, who spent 14 years as a probation officer, a demanding job that didn’t quite cover her bills, even with a second job at a restaurant in the evenings. Despite her hard work, she realized something had to change. That’s when she decided to explore the world of franchising.

Discovering Voodoo Brewing Franchise

The craft brewing industry has seen remarkable growth. In 2018, Americans spent $27.6 billion on craft beer, a seven percent increase from the previous year. Craft breweries now hold a 24.2% share of the $114.2 billion beer market, continuing to expand steadily since 2012. 

Among the standout franchises in this booming industry is Voodoo Brewing Company. Founded in 2005, Voodoo Brewing is renowned for its unique beers and eclectic pub food served in a relaxed atmosphere. Ranked as a top 50 brewery internationally, Voodoo Brewing values franchisees with persistence, a great work ethic, and a unique skill set.

Sarah’s journey to franchising began with thorough research. She sought a franchise that matched her passions and lifestyle. The more she learned about Voodoo Brewing, the more intrigued she became. She appreciated their business model, the company’s founding story, and the innovative way they operate.

Meeting with CEO Jake Voelker was a turning point for Sarah. She got all her questions answered and felt confident about the support she would receive. One major plus was that she didn’t need prior brewing experience, as Voodoo Brewing handles the production and delivery of their unique beers.

From Employee to Entrepreneur

Sarah’s story is a testament to what’s possible when you take the leap from employee to entrepreneur. She did her homework, made informed decisions, and now owns a successful franchise. Her journey highlights the importance of aligning your business with your passions and interests.

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