Celebrating Black Excellence in Franchising: 7 Entrepreneurs You Should Know

As Black History Month comes to a close, it’s important to remember that Black excellence extends far beyond the month of February. There are many inspiring Black entrepreneurs who are constantly making waves in various industries, and it’s crucial that we continue recognizing them.

Recently, we had the privilege of featuring seven such entrepreneurs on our Instagram page as part of our “Celebrating Black Excellence in Franchising” series. Each of these individuals has a unique story and perspective on what it takes to succeed in franchising, and we were inspired by their passion, resilience, and commitment to making a positive impact in their communities.

In this blog post, we’d like to share their stories with you and showcase the amazing work they’re doing. By highlighting these Black franchise owners, we hope to celebrate their achievements, inspire others, and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive business landscape.

So, let’s meet these inspiring entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences!


Clint Gulley


Clint Gulley is a franchise owner-operator who has made a name for himself in the fast-food industry. He owns and manages eleven McDonald’s franchises in Florida, building on his father’s legacy and business acumen.

With over a decade of experience in franchising, Clint has honed his skills in business management, thanks to his previous work in the restaurant and hotel industry. Recently, Clint expanded his portfolio by signing an agreement with LaundroLab to bring laundromat franchises to Miami, his hometown.

His success and dedication to excellence make him an inspiration to other entrepreneurs in the franchising industry.

If you’d like to learn more about owning a LaundroLab franchise, click here.


Kika Wise


Kika Wise is an inspiring entrepreneur whose unwavering dedication to wellness has transformed the franchising industry.

Her entrepreneurial journey began in 2011 when she founded Kika Stretch Studios with just $500. Kika’s goal was to create a unique approach to health and fitness, using gentle assisted stretching to maintain youth and vitality. Her passion for wellness has propelled Kika Stretch Studios into one of the leading stretch and fitness studios in the US.

Kika’s innovative vision and relentless work ethic have made her a successful businesswoman and role model for aspiring entrepreneurs. She has inspired many to take control of their health and well-being while revolutionizing the franchising industry.


Donna Chen


Donna Chen is a visionary entrepreneur who realized her lifelong dream of owning her own business by becoming a Tim Hortons franchisee.

Her relentless work ethic and innovative approach have expanded her business to include three additional locations in Leduc. Donna’s focus on goal setting and achievement has established her as a respected leader in the franchising world.

Beyond her impressive business accomplishments, Donna is an active member of her community, serving as a board member of Rise-up Society Alberta in Leduc, where she empowers those impacted by domestic abuse. Her dedication to serving others has made her an inspiring role model for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.


Ruth Agbaji


Ruth Agbaji is a remarkable entrepreneur who founded Code Wiz, an innovative franchise that revolutionized STEM education for children.

Her impressive career in tech equipped her with the knowledge and skills to create Code Wiz. Her passion for teaching children to code, coupled with her entrepreneurial drive, has made Code Wiz the leading franchise for children’s coding education.

Ruth’s innovative curriculum and teaching methods are empowering children to become creators, not just consumers, of technology. Additionally, her vision for Code Wiz is changing the game for kids everywhere and making her a true pioneer in the field of STEM education.

To learn more about becoming a franchisee with Code Wiz, click here.


Chanel Grant


Chanel Grant is a franchisee who specializes in promoting health and wellness. As a key member of Healthy Living Ventures, LLC, Chanel has helped acquire, develop, and operate multiple franchises across the East Coast.

Her focus on promoting healthy living and wellness has helped grow franchises such as Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, and VIO Med Spa locations in Maryland and Virginia.

In addition to her business acumen, Chanel has developed an online course to educate and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs interested in franchising. Chanel’s commitment to promoting health and wellness has established her as a leader and role model in the franchising industry.

To learn more about owning a Hand & Stone Massage and Spa franchise, click here.


Micah Logan


Micah Logan is a dynamic entrepreneur and trailblazer in the franchise industry. His passion for helping others achieve their full potential has driven his success as a leader, expert, speaker, and coach in both the fitness and construction industries.

Micah is the founder and CEO of MELD Fitness + Wellness, which offers high-value personal training in small group settings. Additionally, Micah is the CEO of HushFrame, a company that is revolutionizing soundproofing technology.

His expertise in both fitness and construction has made him a master of entrepreneurship and innovation. Micah has also established himself as a highly sought-after speaker and coach who has helped countless clients achieve six-figure revenues.


Andrea Bailey Brown


Finally, we’d like to highlight our CEO and founder, Andrea Bailey Brown. Andrea is an award-winning entrepreneur and multi-unit franchise owner with Jiffy Lube. Her journey is a remarkable one, which started in her third year of university when she purchased Truffles Darling, a chocolate business that served the Royal Family.

Since then, Andrea has been a serial entrepreneur— buying, building, and selling different businesses and generating over $30 million in revenue from ownership.

In 2008, she bought her first Jiffy Lube franchise in Calgary, Alberta, and has since owned and operated five different locations, cementing her name as a force to be reckoned with in the franchising world.

But for Andrea, it’s not just about financial success. Her true mission is to help entrepreneurs build wealth through franchise and business ownership. Her business knowledge and love for franchising have enabled her to transform the lives of countless clients, earning her a reputation as a true industry leader.

Andrea’s unwavering drive, determination, and passion for entrepreneurship make her an inspiration to all who aspire to succeed in the world of franchising.


In conclusion, these seven Black entrepreneurs are true trailblazers in the franchising industry, each with their unique story and accomplishments.

We would like to express our gratitude to the entrepreneurs featured in this blog for their contributions to the franchising industry. Their resilience, hard work, and dedication have paved the way for future generations of Black entrepreneurs and have made a significant impact on the business world.

We encourage all readers to continue to celebrate and support Black excellence in franchising, as we work together towards a more inclusive and equitable future.


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