McDonald’s Franchise Owner Invests in 5 Laundromat Franchises

McDonald’s Franchise Owner Invests in 5 Laundromat Franchises

Laundromat franchises are becoming more popular than ever. Clint and Melissa Gulley are seven unit McDonald’s franchisees. They have invested in Laundrolab franchise  Laundromat community’s first laundry center in the south Florida market. 

The McDonald’s franchisees are bringing the LaundroLab franchise to their community.

Gulley has an eleven year tenure as a multi-unit  franchise owner of McDonald’s in the state of Florida. His story is very similar to his father as the senior Gulley began franchising many years before his son. 

McDonald’s Franchise Owner Invests in 5 Laundromat Franchises

McDonald’s Franchise Owner Invests in 5 Laundromat Franchises

In the present day, they joined forces as the Gulley Organization and own eleven different McDonald’s franchises. This is an example of how you can do business with your family and succeed at the highest level. 

The Gulley organization normally invests in franchises that are hands on and require their attention. However, with the acquisition of  LaundroLab means that this will change.

Laundrolab uses a semi absentee business model. Another reason the Gulley’s invested  in the LaundroLab franchise was because it is an essential business and one that can withstand the pandemic.

The co-founder and CEO of LaundroLab,  Alex Smereczniak says the market is ripe for growth in all sectors, and the housing market situation will lead to more demand for the laundromat business.

The LaundroLab business model is geared for low overhead costs, something that “is not going to give me a lot of headaches,” according to Gulley. He praised the modern spin that LaundroLab puts into each unit, both aesthetically and through state-of-the-art technology that is standard at each location.

Another reason why the Gulley’s got involved with this concept  was due to their willingness to diversify their business interests into a completely different sector than a quick service restaurant like McDonald’s.

Finally, the Gulley’s also wanted to do something outside of McDonald’s and find other ways to make money.

The LaundroLab business has low overhead costs and is a very hands off business that can essentially be seen as “turn key”. 

The Gulley’s are using a “foot in the door technique”  by only getting five franchises with Laundrolab. With this technique they are able to add more franchises in the future because they are already in the Laundrolab network.

Are you looking to diversify your business investments?  Do you see yourself owning a laundry business? Let us know below.


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