When it comes to inspiring success stories, Oye’s journey truly stands out. It’s a perfect example of how determination, research, and the right support can completely transform a career. We’re excited to share his story of moving from being a financial planner to owning multiple Qualicare franchises, a leading name in senior care.

A Solid Foundation

Oye’s career began in the banking industry, where he spent nearly two decades in significant roles like branch manager at TD Bank and Investment Specialist at Scotiabank. His extensive experience in finance gave him a strong foundation to understand the ins and outs of business investments.

Oye’s decision to dive into franchising stemmed from his belief in using tried-and-true processes rather than starting from scratch. He says, “I believe in leveraging a tried-and-true process rather than gambling on creating one. Franchising allows me to take advantage of the goodwill a brand has made for themselves and provides me with a sophisticated infrastructure—one that might be too costly to incur on my own. The support I get also helps me compete in the industry in my environment.”

The Right Moment

While Oye had always advocated for franchise ownership, the real push came about six months ago while consulting for a client interested in buying a business. “I introduced him to homecare franchising because a friend of mine recently purchased one in another province. The client was reluctant, but my research blew my mind on the potentials in owning a franchise, especially in homecare in Saskatchewan. I saw it as a sign to bring forward what was once a deferred project,” he said.

Seeking Expert Guidance

Understanding the complexities of the franchise world, Oye knew he needed expert guidance. “After spending so much time researching various franchises, I realized I wasn’t getting all the information I needed to decide. I wanted to get it right the first time, and I believe other people’s experience pays huge dividends,” Oye noted. 

He chose to work with me and my team at Bailey Brown The Franchise Agency because of my expertise as both a consultant and a franchise owner. 

Here’s what he had to say about his experience with us: 

I felt like I had a team of Wall Street Experts working with me. The headache of self-doubting with no one to brainstorm with and spending so much time searching the internet was gone. I met various franchise business development managers in a matter of days. The weekly touchpoint with Andrea to provide guidance and share resources to help me make decisions was the highlight of my week during the process. Her back-office staff are professional and respond to enquiries speedily. The communication was great, and the openness and objectivity gave me peace of mind.”

Choosing Qualicare

When it came to choosing a franchise, Qualicare stood out for several reasons. “Their business philosophy, their technology infrastructure, the synergy between franchise partners, and the cordiality between the management and the franchise partners were what endeared me to them,” Oye explains. He was also impressed by the quality of support, training programs, and the adaptability of the franchise.

For Oye, the most rewarding part of franchise ownership has been the connections and continuous learning. “Connecting and learning from those who have been running their franchises is reassuring. The support and guidance I get from the team help me focus my energy and time on things that matter. And of course, the time and flexibility I enjoy help me live a more organized life,” he says.

Advice for Aspiring Franchise Owners

Oye has clear advice for those considering franchising: “Do your research, consult a professional, and invest in a franchise that does not feel like you are going to a job.

Oye’s story is a testament to the power of informed decision-making, professional guidance, and following one’s passions. His journey with Qualicare shows how franchising can lead to business success and a fulfilling, balanced life.

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