Spring Has Sprung: 6 Franchises That Bloom In Warmer Weather

Spring is here, and with it comes a fresh wave of opportunities, especially in the franchise world. It’s a time when certain businesses really start to shine, taking full advantage of the warmer weather and the vibrant energy that comes with it. Whether it’s outdoor activities, home improvement projects, or simply enjoying a good meal or drink in the sunshine, spring opens up a world of possibilities for franchisees looking to grow or start their journey. 

Let’s take a closer look at six franchises that find their stride as the temperatures rise.

Lawn Doctor

Across its 600 franchise locations, Lawn Doctor offers a comprehensive range of services, including lawn treatment, fertilization, weed control, seeding, aeration, and tree and shrub care, all aimed at enhancing the beauty and health of outdoor spaces. 

The franchise operates on a recurring revenue model, focusing on high-demand services that ensure repeat business. This model is not only recession-resistant but also benefits from high customer retention rates, averaging around 80%. Franchisees can expect strong support in terms of marketing, proprietary technology, and operational systems, which are all geared towards maximizing profitability and streamlining business processes.

The ideal candidate for a Lawn Doctor franchise is someone who values the blend of independence that business ownership offers with the support of a proven franchise model. Lawn Doctor franchisees come from various backgrounds but share a common drive for excellence, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and an entrepreneurial spirit ready to capitalize on the growing lawn care industry.

Links Golf Cafe

Links Golf Cafe presents a unique franchise opportunity that combines the worlds of golf, coffee, and business into one. This concept is the first of its kind, promising to deliver a guaranteed positive cash flow within 12 months of opening. The franchise blends three recession-proof sectors, offering a diverse range of services including memberships, drop-in golf, food & beverages, retail merchandise, and business masterminds.

Their franchise model is designed for scalability and is semi-absentee friendly, allowing for passive ownership. While the franchise is not home-based, it offers significant support and training for franchisees, including a comprehensive onboarding process covering everything from operational systems and marketing to quality assurance and financial analysis.

Ideal candidates for a Links Golf Cafe franchise are entrepreneurial individuals who have a passion for golf and hospitality. While a love for golf is a plus, it’s the business acumen, leadership skills, and the desire to create a community around golf and dining that are most crucial.


Archadeck stands as North America’s premier designer and builder of outdoor living spaces such as decks, porches, and patios, making it an attractive franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to venture into the home improvement industry.

This franchise offers flexible schedules, interaction with appreciative clients, outdoor activities, creativity, and the tangible results of your efforts. Archadeck also boasts a proven sales process with professional 3D renderings to impress customers and distinguish from competitors. With a strong market demand for outdoor living spaces and low overhead costs due to a home-based operation model, Archadeck presents a compelling opportunity for franchisees.

For individuals looking to join, Archadeck seeks energetic candidates with strong interpersonal and communication skills, a solid work ethic, management experience, and an appreciation for design and outdoor living. Construction background is helpful but not required, as the franchise’s training programs and support teams provide all necessary knowledge.

Expedia Cruises

Expedia Cruises is part of a franchise network that specializes not only in cruises but also in a wide range of travel services including all-inclusive resorts, vacation packages, coach and rail tours, and more. The brand’s affiliation with Expedia enhances its offering, allowing franchisees to benefit from Expedia’s technology, marketing, and substantial buying power. This collaboration ensures that franchisees can offer competitive pricing and earn high commissions across a diverse range of travel products.

A key advantage of the Expedia Cruises franchise is its omnichannel approach, which integrates physical retail centers with the expansive reach of online platforms. This model effectively captures new customers and secures their loyalty by providing them with a comprehensive and seamless booking experience. Furthermore, franchisees receive leads from a variety of sources including their own websites, Expedia’s online platforms, and walk-ins, covering a vast market of potential customers looking for personalized travel booking services.

The ideal candidate for an Expedia Cruises franchise is proactive and possesses strong leadership qualities. Individuals who are outgoing, enjoy networking with professionals, and have a solid work ethic are likely to thrive in this franchise opportunity. While a background in travel or tourism could be beneficial, it’s not a requirement, as the franchise provides comprehensive training and support. 

Brothers That Just Do Gutters

Brothers That Just Do Gutters is a franchise with over 300 locations that specializes in gutter installation, repair, cleaning, and additional services like heated gutters and underground drainage. Established in 1999, it has grown into a successful model for franchisees interested in the home services sector. 

Franchisees benefit from multiple recurring revenue streams and robust support and technology systems all focused on making them successful. The franchise also boasts an in-house call center with an impressive 80-90% lead conversion rate, ensuring a steady flow of business opportunities.

Brothers That Just Do Gutters want someone who is looking to learn. You don’t have to know the installation process of a gutter system or the best business practices, you just need to be a candidate who believes in our model and practices. Their ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about becoming a business owner – not just someone looking to get a job.

Mosquito Hunters

Mosquito Hunters is a franchise that was established in 2014 with a focus on providing community-wide relief from mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. They also offer specialized services for events, alongside comprehensive pest management for rodents and deer.

The franchise offers multiple benefits, including multiple revenue streams through new high-margin bundle programs and a membership model. Franchisees benefit from an integrated sales and marketing approach, featuring corporate-managed advertising programs and an in-house call center dedicated to closing new deals. Additionally, Mosquito Hunters is designed as a quick-starting home-based business with a small franchise fee, minimal employee requirements, and no necessity for a physical storefront.

Ideal candidates for a Mosquito Hunters franchise are community builders with a strong work ethic, passionate about service, and have some management experience. Sales skills are considered a bonus, and a clean background is essential.

In conclusion, it’s evident that seasonal changes can significantly influence certain business models. These six franchises, by aligning their services with the demands of warmer weather, not only demonstrate resilience but also an ability to capitalize on seasonal trends. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the game, spring could be the perfect time to explore one of these sunny opportunities.

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